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Christien Engelbrecht Keynote: Climate variability over the Eastern Cape: a synoptic perspective  Download
Francois Engelbrecht Drought in southern Africa in a changing climate  Download
Fahiema Daniels  Keynote: Evolution of biodiversity planning and lessons learnt from the STEP (Thicket Biome) Plan  Download
Greer Hawley, Derek Berliner, Alan Carter  The review of the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Conservation Plan and Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan  Download
Tony Knowles  Keynote: Exploring required elements for restoration at a biome scale  Download
Marius van der Vyver, Richard Cowling, Anthony Mills, Mark Difford  A recipe for successful restoration of degraded spekboom-rich thicket  Download
Robbert Duker, Richard Cowling, Alastair Potts, Marius van der Vyver  Keeping your spekboom’s head above water: predictive mapping of cold air pools and its results on Thicket restoration success in the Eastern Cape  Download
Nicholas Galuszynski, Robbert Duker, Alastair Potts An elephant’s perspective on Spekboom restoration  Download
Japie Buckle, Andrew Knipe, Klaas Basson, Alastair Potts  Hydromulching: the future of Spekboom rehabilitation?  Download
Cosman Bolus  Jobs for Carbon Project: Developing spekboom veld restoration in the Little Karoo  Download
Marijn Zwinkels Rehabilitation for a lekker koeldrink  Download
Kyra Lunderstedt, Mike Powell, Charlie Shackleton A multi-scale approach to understanding degraded subtropical thicket composition and structure in the Eastern Cape, South Africa  Download
Vathiswa Zikishe CREW progress in the Eastern Cape: Albany region  Download
Kristen Martin, Eileen Campbell, Maarten de Wit Effect of fracking fluid on the photosynthetic efficiency of selected karoo and thicket species  Download
Yolandi Erasmus, Susanne Vetter, Brad Ripley The effect of defoliation on growth and carbohydrate reserves of Portulacaria afra  Download
Joh Henschel, Kayleigh Muller, Tim O’Connor Impact of a severe frost event in 2014 on woody vegetation within the Nama-Karoo and semi-arid savanna biomes of South Africa  Download
Rina Grant, Thelani Grant, Mike Peel Forage selection by grazers in a savanna system (Kruger National Park)   Download
Timm Hoffman Keynote: Extreme events and long-term changes in the biomes of the Eastern Cape  Download
Alastair Potts  From the 1930's to present: a bird's eye view of Thicket  Download