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The 2017 final programme is available from here.

Otto Beukes Striving toward a living landscape: Restoration in the Baviaanskloof  Download
Maya Beukes Introducing the "PRESENCE Learning Network"  Download
Anthony Palmer, Brad Ripley, Onalenna Gwate and Suhkmani Mantel  Challenges of long-term carbon flux measurements in the Albany Thicket  Download
Yondela Norman, Mike Powell and James Gambiza Factors influencing root biomass in Portulacaria Afra cuttings  Download
Robbert Duker, Alastair Potts, Richard Cowling, Marius van der Vyver Keynote: Can restoration be fun? It's time to join the 65 million year old game of hide and seek  Download
Mike Powell Is the restoration of degraded areas of Albany Thicket, using woody species, really ecologically not feasible?  Download
Kyra Lunderstedt, Mike Powell and Charlie Schackleton Deconstructing degraded spekboom thickets: A case study from Kabouga  Download
Japie Buckle and Alastair PottsWorkshop on new protocols for spekboom planting  Download
Japie Buckle and Alastair Potts Results of Hydro-mulching of spekboom  Download
James Gambiza Keynote: Introduction to LDN, LDN target setting and its building blocks  Download
Greer Hawley Keynote: Reviewing a Systematic Biodiversity Conservation Plan: Eastern Cape  Download
Gerry Pienaar Keynote:The law of Thicket- Legislation, EIAs, Challenges, Solutions  Download
Gerry Pienaar (guideline document) This document is to be used along with Gerry's presentation. It explains the laws when clearing indigenous vegetation  Download
Div de Villiers Compliance and Enforcement within the Thicket Biome  Download
Tony Knowles Unlocking barriers and opportunities for implementation of mitigation opportunities in the South African land-use sector  Download
Angela Gaylard Keynote: Into the Thicket of Elephant Management: Problems and Solutions  Download
Alastair Potts, Robber Duker, Nicholas Galuszynksi and others... Thicket Restoration- an ecological-observation approach  Download