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 Anisha Darayam & Adriaan GroblerOne small STEP for Thicket, one giant leap for VEGMAP 2017 Download
 Andrew SkownoNational Biodiversity Assessment 2018: Preliminary ecosystem threat status findings in the Thicket Biome; Thicket Forum 2018, Addo Download
 David HoareDevelopment of Ecosystem Guidelines for the Albany Thicket Biome Download
 Andries StruwigEnvironmental Impact Assessments in the Thicket Download
Greer Hawley & Philip DesmetRevision of the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Conservation Plan DRAFT 3 and the Strategy Action Plan Download
Jasper Slingsby, Adam Wilson, Alastair Potts & Glenn MoncrieffTools for monitoring non-forest vegetation from space Download
Julia Glenday, Dominic Mazvimavi Faith Jumbi, Pamela Sekese, Liezl le Roux & Ancia CorneliusThicket in the catchment context: hydrology observations and modelling Download
Kyra Lunderstedt & Mike PowellTools to assess forest and thicket cover and transformation - building the case for increased conservation in Alexandria Download
Susanne Vetter & Michelle CocksCulture, nature, and wellbeing - insights from qualitative and quantitative research in the Eastern Cape Download
Nozuko Ngqiyaza & Susanne VetterPatterns of plant diversity and cultural meaning in a rural landscape in the Albany Thicket: Effects of land-use and topography Download
Jessica Cockburn, Georgina Cundill, Sheona Shackleton & Eureta RosenbergFostering multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable landscapes: Insights from the Langkloof in the Eastern Cape, South Africa Download
Shayla Tricam & Charlie ShackletonAvian diversity patterns of urban domestic gardens in small towns of the Eastern Cape Download
Bob Scholes & Kathleen SmartThe Primary Productivity of Thicket Vegetation Download
Kathleen SmartSpekboom growth under past, present and future CO2 levels Download
Mike Powell & Kai MilneRainfall interception by mesic thicket canopy Download
Alastair Potts, Mutakusi Ragimana & Phumla NkosiTo the root of the problem with Spekboom establishment Download
Yondela NormanModifying the current planting protocol to improve survivorship of Portulacaria afra in Albany thicket of the Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape. Download
Sam MsweliFlammability of indigenous and invasive alien woody plants in coastal fynbos and thicket ecosystems Download
Kyle Johnstone Mesic Thicket biomass accumulatio on a naturally restoring field Download
Tiaan StrydomCanopy forming dune thicket response to fire in the southern Cape, South Africa Download
Refentshe LedwabaA time-series analysis of Kowie river valley thicket transformation Download
Rina Grant, Kyra Lunderstedt & Mike PowellProposal for the development of a Thicket restoration research framework Download
Richard Cowling, Tiaan Strydom & Tineke KraaijFire and thicket: The role of persistence, light foraging, and regeneration niches Download
Tineke Kraaij, Johan Baard, Jacob Arndt, Lufuno Vhengani & Brian van Wilgen Factors influencing fire severity in coastal thicket and other vegetation in the 2017 Knysna fires Download
Sarah Raubenheimer & Brad RipleyClimate change and bush encroachment: Effects of elevated CO 2 on Vachellia karroo seedlings Download
Winston Trollope & Lynne TrollopeAdapted point centered quarter method (APCQ) assessing veld condition of tree /shrub vegetation in African savanna and thicket communities Download
Suvarna Parbhoo Mohan & Domitilla RaimondoSouth Africa’s Strategy for plant conservation Download
Nelisa Mpama, Joanna Dames & Mike PowellAssessing the potential role of microorganisms in the restoration of degraded thicket environment in Albany Thicket, South Africa Download
 Anthony Vaudo Bee nutrition: unifying behavior, community, and conservation Download