Below is a list of literature that is in some way related to the Albany Subtropical Thicket. If you feel that there is a study (or studies) missing from this list, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email the reference to for inclusion. 

PhD and MSc theses

 Name  Date  Title  University  Level  Supervisor\s
 Alastair J. Potts  2012  Tracking thicket through space and time: Insights into the evolutionary history of the Albany Subtropical Thicket from comparative phylogeography and distribution modelling Botany Department, University of Cape Town  PhD  Prof. Terry Hedderson and Prof. Richard Cowling
 Mike J. Powell  2009  Restoration of degraded subtropical thickets in the Baviaanskloof Megareserve, South Africa Rhodes University  MSc  
 Nkqubela M Ganqa  2008  Diet selection and forage quality of five woody species selected by Black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis minor) in the Great Fish River Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa Department of Agriculture and Environmental Science , University of Fort Hare  MSc  Prof.J.G Raats and Prof P.F Scogings

 Shavaugn Davis  2007  Endozoochory in the Subtropical Thicket: comparing effects of species with different digestive systems on seed fate Botany Department, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University  MSc  Prof. Graham I.H. Kerley
 Ayanda M. Sigwela  2004  The impacts of land use on vertebrate diversity and vertebrate mediated processes in the thicket biome, Eastern Cape  Botany Department, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University  PhD  

Journal articles

Click here to access a Google Sheets database of Thicket research literature. Please let us know about any literature that we have missed!

PDFs of the literature are available from here.