Thicket Repair Guidelines: debatable issues

Dr Richard Lechmere-Oertel, who compiled the restoration guidelines for Thicket, identified a number of issues, themes, gaps and debates in our current knowledge of thicket restoration science. He has compiled a list of questions, which are placed in a "live" document below to allow for thicketeers to provide their answers/insights/points of view/etc.  

Click here to access the editable Google document.

Thicket Forum 2023

Photo credit: Yenziwe Mbuyisa, RRRG

What is subtropical thicket?

 More than the home of Spekboom- A biodiversity hotspot under threat 

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Photo credit: Yenziwe Mbuyisa, RRRG

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The Thicket Forum was formed in 2004 by a group of people affectionately known as "Thicketeers"- it is an affiliation of researchers, conservation managers, landowners, rural communities and other interested parties with a shared interest in Subtropical Thicket and its biodiversity. Thicket is one of South Africa’s major biomes, with an exceptional number of unique plant species. However, > 70% of Thicket has been transformed or removed, so many of these unique plant species and their valued uses are under threat. The Thicket Forum meets annually to discuss research results and the sustainable management of Thicket, with the aim of conserving our natural heritage for future South Africans. 

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